Stepping Out in Faith Cover

STEPPING OUT IN FAITH is a 58,000-word M/M romance novel available in serial format at

Andy Dylan is a deeply closeted priest who has lived his life denying his sexuality. But after a rogue night with Marcus Clayton, indulging in long buried temptations, Andy can no longer ignore the truth about who he is. Can he come to terms with his sexuality without abandoning his faith? Will Marcus stick around while Andy figures out what it means to be a gay Catholic?

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The rustling leaves threw dancing shadows in the cool evening wind. A group of men in tight, revealing clothing walked past, laughing and groping at each other, and Andy followed them with his eyes until they turned the corner and disappeared.

Don’t stare, he told himself as he tried to meld back into the shadows. But it was hard not to stare when midriffs were showing and bulges were on display. Andy knew he shouldn’t be here, shouldn’t be in the middle of Hell’s Kitchen on a Friday night, indulging in his morbid curiosity.


And yet here he was, just as he was last week and the week before that. Each time, he told himself that enough was enough: his curiosity was sated and he should go back to his normal, safe life. But each visit had only served to fan the curiosity until he was seriously considering going into the gay bar across the street.

What was wrong with him? He chided himself. Except, Andy feared he knew the answer to that question all too well.

What was wrong was that feeling, that curiosity he didn’t understand, so deep-seated he could never shake it off. What was wrong was that fascination that drew his eyes to the men milling about the busy streets of New York—men who stood too close to each other, who touched each other in inappropriate ways, and whispered intimately into each other’s ears.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from two men outside the bar with their lips locked in a passionate kiss and their limbs entwined. Andy wanted to know what that felt like: to have another hard body pressed up against his. The desire was so strong it shocked him out of his reverie.

He glanced around to see if other people noticed the direction of his lewd thoughts. He shouldn’t be here. He should be back at the apartment, on his knees, deep in prayer. He should be asking for forgiveness and cleansing and praying for strength to stay on the narrow path that leads to life.

He turned to walk away.

It wasn’t until he was clear across the street and handing his ID to the bouncer that he realized he walked in the wrong direction.